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Swim Nappy - Primavera


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1 baby swim nappy + 1 reusable absorbent pad.
Innovative, leakproof and trendy.


The Hamac Baby Swim Nappy is a leakproof, trendy and totally innovative swimsuit that replaces disposable swim nappies.

Made for children between the ages of 0 and 2.5, the Hamac swim nappy is perfectly suited for swimming. Children can go in the water or play outside and avoid having accidents at the pool and the beach.

The Hamac reusable swim nappy is 100% efficient and comfy; it is easy to use and quick-drying. The leakproof system is patented and relies on the same technical principles as the Hamac cloth nappy system.

If they wish, the parents can put a special reusable pad made for swimming under the pouch lining of the baby swim nappy (1 absorbent pad sold with the swim nappy).

It ensures that the child is comfortable, and the pad can be used in the water as well as outside the water. Note: in between swims, so that the child stays dry, you'll need to change the absorbent pad.

anti uv bébé plage


This baby swim nappy provides protection against the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

It is made of a high quality fabric that resists chlorine and salt.

Look at the swim nappy users guide.

Certified Oeko Tex 100 class 1. Made in France.

oeko tex couche lavablecouche lavable fabrication française

Size Guide

3 sizes  : 3-6 months / 6-12 months / 12-24 months.

If you hesitate between 2 sizes, take the bigger one.

maillot couche


- The baby swim nappy is made out of Meryl™ microfiber. It helps keep moisture away from the body, speeds up drying and keeps baby's skin from getting too cold.

- The Hamac® pouch is made out of breathable and waterproof polyurethane.

- The inner netting is made out of 94% polyamide and of 6% elastane, and it keeps the absorbent pad in position (100% polyester).

- The reusable absorbent pad is made of polyester, with one soft layer made of polyamide. 

Certified Oeko Tex 100 class 1. Made in France.

oeko tex couche lavablecouche lavable fabrication française

Cleaning instructions

Swim Nappy

Machine washable at 40°C, the tumble dryer should not be used. It is important to fold the velcro tabs back on themselves before washing so that they do not damage the rest of the laundry. The baby swim nappy should not be ironed.

To prevent leaking and other damage to the Hamac pouch, refrain from using washing products containing alcohol, solvents, whiteners or abrasives.

Absorbent pad

Machine washable at 60°C, the tumble dryer can be used.

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Vraiment superbe ! J'ai vu qu'il existe maintenant le même motif en couche... vais surement craquer!

J'adore le motif!!! Et dire qu'ils viennent de sortir la couche T.MAC avec cet imprimé <3

En plus d'être très joli, ce maillot couche est super pratique, ma fille l'utilise depuis ses 6 mois et semble très à l'aise dans l'eau!

Super qualité, très belle couleur . Plus qu'à l'essayer comme un petit poisson sous l'eau =)

J’ai craqué pour cette couche pour mon petit garçon de presque 2 ans... Je l’ai testé en piscine plusieurs fois, elle est super et la couleur ne s’est pas estompée.

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