An Outing in Hamac Nappies!

25 Novembre 2014 -

An Outing in Hamac Nappies!
An outing in cloth nappies can seem tricky. That’s why one of our partner bloggers is explaining her method to us today:

"In two months, using cloth nappies has become easy for us.

We prepare the nappies ahead of time--we have a technique for washing the inner absorbent liners and the outer panties of the nappies separately which gets refined a bit more every day.

With baby growing fast, the nappies fit better and better. And we really love our practical and pretty nappies--economical and ecological as well!

When I go out with my baby, I prepare everything in advance just in case: the outer panty, the absorbent liner, and the liner cover (a complete nappy change).

I put the whole thing (all put together, the nappy itself closed), in my handbag.

When I find my bag organiser again, it will serve as laundry bag, but for the moment I’m using my handbag--it will do fine until I find a laundry bag that works for me.

I also take some biodegradable wipes--they are more practical for outings than the washable ones I use at home (in the photo there are Pampers wipes because those are what I had on hand, but in general I use the biodegradable kind if at all possible). I don’t take any liniment because I don’t want it to drop and break (I have butter fingers!) or forget it somewhere!

And (very important!) I bring plastic nappy bags so that the dirty ones can be stored without a big stink or stain.

I don’t remove the liner cover, I put everything in the plastic bag and I sort everything out at home--simpler that way.

I thought outings in cloth nappies would be impossibly hard….

…. but actually they are as easy as outings with disposables, it’s just that you don’t throw away the nappy, but keep it to wash.

Of course I adapt the number of nappies I take to the estimated outing time so I won’t be caught unawares!

For the moment, there haven’t been any accidents (I know it will happen some day, though--I’m not fooling myself!), but in fact using Hamac cloth nappies for outings has been just as easy as using them at home, at least for outings of a few hours.

The weekend is not the same story. The only weekend that we spent away from home we did not manage our cloth nappy stock well at all. It was after a week of rain, and the nappies took longer to dry than usual… we found ourselves with only two whole nappies to use, and I gave up. We used disposables that weekend.

I’m going to be better organised for the next weekend away from home!

To sum up, the gear for an outing:

- One complete nappy, closed, in my handbag

- Biodegradable wipes

- Plastic bags for dirty nappies

And that’s all there is to it!

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