Are cloth nappies really ecological?

couche lavable écologie

Do you know that one child needs 5,000 nappies until potty-training ?

That is one ton of waste, being buried or burnt.

That is why we decided to develop and patent attractive washable nappies, to stop the nappy waste disaster.



But also to preserve future generations from all the chemical products you can find in disposable nappies.

With Hamac, you only throw away a little liner, and the rest goes into the washing machine.


And even if you use a washing machine (hence water, eclectricity, and washing powder, as many people often remind us :) ), the ecological impact will still be excellent compared to disposable nappies.

To prove this, we have realized a complete Life Cycle Analysis, certified ISO 14040 and 14044. We calculated all the impacts using Hamac washable nappies, from raw material to their end of life. The results are amazing!

- 50% in water consumption
- 93% in greenhouse gas emissions
- 80% in electricity consumption
- 90% in wood consumption
- 90% in depletion of non-renewable resources

Cloth nappies...what else ?