A committed company

Our goal is to offer young parents the choice to use cloth nappies and swim nappies that are convenient, eco-friendlyhealthy for your children and manufactured in France.

Hamac innovations are protected by various patents worldwide, and the company keeps investing in Research & Development, to continually adapt its product to the young parents needs.

- Twice Laureate of the French Research Ministry, for the National Innovative Company Competition (2009 and 2010)
- Paris Innovation Award (2009)
- 2 Stars of Design (2010 and 2013)
- Environmental Award (2011)
- Kind and Jugend Innovation award (2013)

The team has also launched the brand Filigrame: underwear for men and women suffering from bladder weakness.

Today, Hamac is the French leader on the cloth nappies market. The company's guiding principle has not changed from the beginning: we innovate for the well-being of our users and for the environment.