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What you need to prepare the nappy :
  • A nappy
  • A pad
  • A liner



1. Prepare the nappy


Unfold the liner
Unfolded liner
Insert the pad - Schema 

Insert the pad directly into the pouch
inside that is inside the nappy.

Put the liner - schema

Put the liner on the pad.
The liner should be inside the pouch.


You have the choice between 2 types of pads.


washable pads
Two types of pads - Schema
Microfiber pad - SchemaOrganic Cotton pad - Schema
disposable pads
Disposable pads

Insert the pad in the pouch.

the nappy is ready

2. Put the nappy on your baby

  • An open nappy - Schema

    Once the nappy is ready, put it on your baby
    like a disposable nappy

  • Put the nappy - Schema

    Make sure the elastics
    are properly oriented
    inwards and rest
    in the groin area.


3. Attach the nappy

Attach the nappy - Schema 1 Attach the nappy - Schema 2

4. Change the nappy

  • Change the nappy - Liner

    Once you have unattached the nappy,
    grab the 4 clean corners of the liner
    and take it away from the pouch

  • Change the nappy - Schema

    Throw the liner and the
    stools away

  • Microfiber or Organic Cotton

    Change the nappy - pad

    Remove the pad. Store it
    in the wet bag with a net inside.
    Wash it with your family laundry.

  • Disposable pad

    Change the nappy - Disposable pad

    Remove the pad and throw it away.

store the nappy and wash it with your family laundry.

What parents think of our diapers

Je suis plus que ravie de ces couches ! Elles sont vraiment parfaites et pratiques. Je recommande vivement à tous ceux qui hésitent encore :)