7 reasons why you should take the plunge

  1. Don't mess with your baby's health

    Our products are certified and avoid tons of waste: we are committed to providing the best for the good of your baby and their future life.

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  2. Reduce your waste, Mother Nature has seen enough nappies

    95% less waste, the equivalent of almost 1 ton per child Our repairs workshop says no to planned obsolescence and yes to a long-lasting nappy that several children can use!

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  3. Protect biodiversity

    Hamac protects baby's bottom and the Big Blue: baby's health is paramount but one of our goals is to protect biodiversity and our planet.

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  4. We can even stop your purse from leaking money too, how does that sound?

    Save 700€ with your first child, 1400€ from your second... you've got the idea, now it's up to you to see how far you can go ;-)

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  5. Take a leap into the future

    With the innovative and practical Hamac reusable nappy designed to stop leaks (we promise, you don't need safety pins or an engineering degree to put our nappies on) and dry at super speed!

  6. Let your adventure-seeking little ones wriggle and scamper to their heart's content

    ultra-comfortable, seamfree, like a second skin

  7. See your baby's little bottom wrapped up cosy

    A wide variety of colours and patterns to brighten up your day.

Actions speak louder than words

You prefer figures: calculate the economic and ecological impact of your decisions using our super calculator.