Hamac innovates for the well-being of your babies and for the environment.

We offer healthy and elegant products, comfortable for your children.

Our nappies do not contain any toxic chemical product.

Our whole collection is Made in France and certified Oeko Tex 100 class I.

oeko tex

Our nappies are easy-to-use

Hamac nappies are convenient and innovative : you dispose of the disposable liner and put everything in the washing machine. 

  • How does the cloth nappies work ?

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  • Which cloth nappy should I use ?

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  • How does the swim nappy work ?

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Why choose Hamac nappies ?

Disposable nappies are expensive and create one ton of waste per child, from birth to potty-training.
We take great care for the quality of our eco-friendly nappies, which are made in France and healthy for your baby.