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At Hamac, we're here to help you change !

Since 2010, we've been providing highly innovative reusable nappies and accessories to help make parents' lives easier.

Our mission is caring for your baby's health and future by protecting biodiversity.

Hamac reusable nappies have 3 anti-leak patents, 0 toxic ingredients, are 100% French-made and can eliminate 1 tonne of waste per child.

So, it's no surprise that thousands of parents and over 200 nursery use Hamac on a daily basis!

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Discover how effective and easy-to-use our patented anti-leak system is.

Hamac technology combines innovative, breathable textiles, easy-close velcro fasteners, a high-performance anti-leak system and quick-drying fabric.

If that weren't enough, we're also completely transparent about the composition of our reusable nappies : they carry Okeo Tex 100 Class I certification, which guaranties they do not contain any substances that are toxic to baby's skin.

Only the best for your baby's skin and health.

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Discover the hybrid diaper

Hamac's hybrid diaper allows you to switch between washable and disposable absorbents (100% natural origin) according to your needs....

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But don't take our word for it - our customers are our best ambassadors !

4,9/5 (110 reviews)

"Great products, the site is clear, full of advice to get started. I am more than conquered"

A mother

"I am very pleased with the quality of the products and the speed of delivery."

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"The thinnest cloth nappies I have found. In addition to the super cute designs, I find these nappies very practical for everyday use. It's an investment but it pays off quickly 😊. "

A mother

Since June 2010, thanks to you :

  •   tons of waste have been avoided

  • million litres of water have been saved

  • million kilowatt hours haven't been used

These numbers come from our product lifes-cycle assesment, certified ISO 14044 and ISO 14040, which compares the impact of disposable and reusable nappies.


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