Hamac supports communities

Hamac has been working with nurseries and communities for ten years. Almost 150 nurseries use Hamac reusable nappies on a daily basis.


To better meet the needs and limitations of communities, we provide a specific range that's in line with community hygiene standards and makes reusable nappies as easy for staff to use as possible.

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Result: saving money, a good environmental record for your nursery and area, no chemicals to take care of baby and simplified organisation mean nursery staff really get on board.

"It's far simpler than I'd have thought. The disposable little liner is very handy for getting rid of heavy loads!" Muriel, childcare assistant


"In the end, we only wash one load more than before and the days of huge bin bags and storing massive boxes of disposable nappies are over!" Emilie, preschool teacher

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Do you have any questions? Do you want your centre or town to join the reusable nappy adventure?

Our team is here to:

- introduce you to our reusable nappies and swim nappies (Skype presentation or over the phone)

- provide a bespoke service tailored to your needs

- train and support you setting up Hamac reusable nappies

Our range for professionals is designed for community structures (childcare centres, nurseries, drop-in daycare centres). If you're a childminder then get in touch to find out more about your special offer.

Call us on +33 1 42 00 61 49 or email us: collectivites@hamac-paris.com.

We'll be delighted to answer all your questions... speak soon!