Which model should I choose?

Which model should I choose?


We offer your a choice between 2 models of nappies, which are based on the same unique patented system: the classic nappy, and the T.MAC nappy.

In the reusable nappies « jargon », the classic nappy is categorized as "All-in-Two" because it is made of 2 main parts: the little panty with a waterproof pouch inside, and the pad that you put in the pouch.

The T.MAC nappy, for its part, is categorized as "All-in-Three" because it is made of 3 main parts (logical, isn't it?). The difference with the classic nappy is that the pouch is removable. No need to wash the panty at every change, you can re-use it with another T.MAC!


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  • The "ready-to-be-used" nappy

    The classic Hamac nappy

    une couche Hamac

    The waterproof pouch is attached to the panty

  • The separable nappy

    The T.MAC

    une couche TMAC

    The waterproof pouch is separable. 

The preparation is the same for both models

  • une couche

    You add a pad,

  • une couche et un absorbant

    and a liner on the top.

  • une couche, un absorbant et un voile

    The nappy is ready.

    une couche prête
  • Once it is soiled:

    le voile - schéma

    Throw the liner and the "little gift" away.

When changing the nappy, it is a bit different

  • machine à laver - schéma

    Put the soiled nappy and the pad in the storage bag, until the next washing machine.


    machine à laver - schéma

    Separate the dirty pouch from the clean panty: the pouch and the pad go in the storage bag until the next washing macghine. You can reuse the T.MAC panty.

With the classic nappy, when the pouch is soiled, you wash the whole nappy. You can change everything (for less handling), or you can also rinse the pouch in case of pee, and reuse the nappy later.
You will need 4 to 6 nappies per size.

With the T.MAC nappy,  you can separate the dirty pouch from the clean panty, thanks to the small clips on every side of the T.MAC that you easily remove from the pockets of the panty.
All in all, the T.MAC system is as cost-effective as the classic system, and you wash less.
You will need 3 to 4 T.MAC pants and 5 to 7 T.MAC pouches per size.

In short

Take the classic nappy
If you want to have fun with many different nappy colours and match them with your baby's clothes.
If you want as little handling as possible.

Take the T.MAC nappy

If you want to make ever more savings and wash less (by the way the pants will last even longer as you will wash them less).

The sizes are the same for both models. 

You have made your choice between the 2 models?
Now have a look at what you need to buy! 

What do I need to buy?

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If you have any other question, please contact us: contact@hamac-paris.com, we will be happy to help!