User guide

User guide

User guide for beginners :)


You want to try reusable nappies but you are lost?

Let us guide you! We have developed a unique reusable nappy system, leakproof patented and easy-to-use, which have been popular among parentsand nurseries 2010.
Ultra-comfortable, seamfree, like a second skin...Let your adventure-seeking little ones wriggle and scamper to their heart's content!

The system is simple: a thin little panty with a waterproof pouch inside, in which you put a washable pad. You can add a disposable liner on top of the pad to easily dispose of stools. You only throw out the liner and what it contains in the trash, the nappy and the pad go in the washing machine, whith the rest of the laundry.
The Hamac nappy is as easy to put and remove as a disposable nappy. 

1. I prepare my nappies


2. I change my nappies
3. I wash my nappies

To sum up :
  1. Take a Hamac nappy

  2. Put the pad inside the pouch

  3. End up with the disposable liner, inside the pouch as well

  4. And there you go! you only have to change your baby as you would do with a disposable nappy...

  5. Once the nappy is full, take the clean corner of the protection liner and take it out of the pouch

  6. Bye bye liner and today's poop (or tonight's) 
    Throw out the liner and what it contains in the trash

  7. Put the nappy and the pad in the washing machine, whith the rest of the laundry*
    *no smell and no soaking thanks to our 2-in-1 wet/laundry bag

Now that 
you understand the main principles, it is time for us to present you our 2 models: the classic nappy ("All-in-Two" or "Two-pieces" nappy in the reusable nappies jargon) and the T.MAC nappy ("All-in-Three" or "Three-Pieces" nappy).

All-in-Two, All-in-Three...that does not sound familiar to you? No worries, we are going to explain you everything about it  😊 


Compare our 2 models and choose the one you prefer

I compare the two models

If you want have a little swim with your baby, discover our swim nappy

I dive in

You are already convinced ?

Great 😊
Go an choose the size and colours you like

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