User guide for beginners :)

  1. Take a Hamac nappy

  2. Put the pad inside the pouch

  3. End up with the disposable liner, inside the pouch as well

  4. And there you go! you only have to change your baby as you would do with a disposable nappy...

  5. Once the nappy is full, take the clean corner of the protection liner and take it out of the pouch

  6. Bye bye liner and today's poop (or tonight's) 
    Throw out the liner and what it contains in the trash

  7. Put the nappy and the pad in the washing machine, whith the rest of the laundry*
    *no smell and no soaking thanks to our 2-in-1 wet/laundry bag

Not 100% clear?

Watch our tuto! 


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