These are our values
  1. Protect biodiversity and the environment by reducing waste related to disposable nappies

    For every child that means...

    > 1 ton less waste in the environment
    > 50% water saved
    > 93% less CO2 emissions
    > 80% less electricity consumption

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  2. Support real French artisans, the people who put their heart into what they make with their hands

    Hamac products are enhanced by the quality and expertise of French artisans who specialise in making premium lingerie. They don't have many miles to cover before they get to you which significantly reduces their impact on the environment.

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  3. Get every household and every community all over the world using reusable nappies (that's all)!

  4. Take care of our babies to make them into brave and healthy adults!

    With no substances that could harm them: an Oeko Tex 100 Class 1 certified nappy.

    A nappy they'll feel good in: seamfree, like a second skin.

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  5. Use, re-use, reduce

    Mend instead of throw away, reuse or buy pre-loved instead of buying new... There are countless ways to make our nappies last longer and ensure lots of babies get their money's worth!

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  6. Having one foot (or bum cheek) in the future:

    We're not showing off but we're pretty proud of winning over 10 awards for our innovative reusable nappy system.


Actions speak louder than words

You prefer figures: calculate the economic and ecological impact of your decisions using our super calculator.

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