The 10 steps to use Hamac Nappy !

16 Septembre 2014 -

The 10 steps to use Hamac Nappy !
Using Hamac Paris cloth nappies is easy: here are 10 easy steps to ensure zero leakage!

Step 1.  Wash your nappy outside covers and your inserts well before use. The inserts reach their maximum absorption capacity after 5 to 10 washes, so don’t hesitate to slip them in the machine with your house linens or clothes!

Step 2. When you put the nappy on your baby, do not pull on the elastic to cover your baby’s bottom with the inside Hamac pouch: it easily slips into the crease in between their leg and groin area without squeezing or leaving marks, and thus ensures zero leakage. If you use a protective insert cover, it must stay inside the elastic, not sticking out.

Step 3. Once the nappy velcro fastenings are on securely, if you see a bit of the inside pouch (not the protective insert cover) peeking out, don’t worry, that’s the way the nappy is supposed to look!

Step 4. The nappy must be positioned with the low side in front, the high side in back.

Step 5. When you take off the nappy, don’t forget to rinse the inside pouch before putting it in the laundry or setting it aside to use later. That way you avoid stains!

Step 6. To store soiled nappies and liners, all you need to do is put them into a waterproof (or other) bag without water, leave it a bit open, and wash them within two days.

Step 7 . Don’t forget to close all velcro closures before putting the nappies in your washing machine: that way they will not damage the other laundry items (not to mention the other nappies!) while they’re being washed.

You can also slip your nappies into a separate wash bag.

Step 8. Use powder detergent, preferably for colors. It is best to avoid fabric softener, soap nuts, and glycerine-based detergents to wash the inserts as these reduce their absorption power.

Step 9. Do not use any products or disinfectants containing alcohol, solvents, bleach/bleaching agents, or abrasives. They irreversibly damage the outer cover and may cause it to leak.

Step 10. Never put the outer covers in the dryer, they will get damaged and leak! Drying is not needed due to their fast drying time because of their ultra-light microfibre material. The inner liners can be dried, however. Do not iron either the outer cover or the liners.

Now you know all there is to know about using Hamac cloth nappies! If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ: or email us at

Enjoy your Hamac® cloth nappies!

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