Hamac makes the headlines of the magazine Challenges

23 Septembre 2014 -

Hamac makes the headlines of the magazine Challenges
Florence Hallouin, the founder of Hamac®, and Clémence Ossent, her business partner, are on the cover of the magazine Challenges.
‘One baby means 5000 disposable nappies,’ Florence Hallouin, industrial designer with Disney, realised one day. She tackled the problem and designed a washable (or with a biodegradable disposable liner) nappy, colorful and practical. Today, she is collecting prizes, from the Observeur du Design, to Oséo Excellence, to the city of Paris. Hamac’s website, http://www.hamac-paris.com was launched in June 2010 and has sold 25,000 products. The innovative nappy can now be found in the aisles of the large French supermarket chain, Auchan, and Florence Hallouin was selected to be part of the twenty start-ups that represented France in the G20 summit in Mexico. With six employees and a business partner, Clémence Ossent (a graduate of HEC Entrepeneurs, a Paris business school), Florence Hallouin wants to stay at the forefront of R&D and production processes, just like the big companies in the sector.

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