How to Wash Hamac Cloth Nappies

29 Octobre 2014 -

How to Wash Hamac Cloth Nappies
Certain detergents are better suited for cloth nappies than others. Here are a few rules to follow to guarantee your cloth nappies a long and useful life!


The polyurethane inside layer can be damaged when you use certain cleaning products. Such damaging products include:

- Bleach
- Detergent
- too high a percentage of optic azurants   (>15%)
- Perfumes contained in detergents (if more than 5%)
- Polycarboxylates in detergents (if there are more than 5%)
- Zeolite

Using these products can damage your Hamac inner liner and thus all of the nappy.

You should also know that the use of these products in large quantities is toxic for the environment.

To ensure the highest absorption in our absorbent liners, we recommend that you avoid cleaning products that contain oily substances--these can leave a residue that significantly reduces the liners' absorption capacity.

Do not use:

- oil-based detergents
- fabric softeners
- a dose of detergent that is more than the recommended amount--this could leave residue on the nappy that will irritate baby's sensitive skin


Finally, to ensure that the liners work well, we recommend a deep cleaning every two to three months.This will remove any residues that have built up over time:

Run a load at 60°C using a handful of soda crystals (2-3 tablespoons--NOT the bicarbonate of soda used in cooking) in the machine and white vinegar (about 30cl) in the fabric softener compartment.

- When the load is done, you can check the absorption of the liners by passing them under running water: if the water soaks in immediately, the process worked; if the water beads up, we recommend that you repeat the process, or contact us!

- Attention: Never wash your outer covers in this way--only the liners--it can damage the elastic and the waterproof parts of the nappy!


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