Until 900€ saved from the 1st child with cloth nappies

Do you know that a child needs 5,000 nappies until potty-training ?

Let's compare the budget between using Hamac cloth nappies versus disposable nappies.

Disposable nappies

5,000 disposable nappies represent
- 1,000 to 1,800 €, depending on the brand you choose (from 0,2€ to 0,35€ for one nappy).
- an average budget of 50€ / month

Hamac cloth nappies

With Hamac, you will buy around 15 cloth nappies and 25 to 30 absorbent pads, and disposable liners (that can be washed until 3 times when there is only urine).
Depending on the model you choose (Hamac or T.MAC, you can compare the 2 systems) and on your every day use, you will spend between 550 and 650€ in nappies and absorbents, and an average of 280€ for the liners.
That is to say:
- 830 to 930 € if you use liners
- an average budget of 50€ / month
- hence an average of 630€ saved

And of course, the cost saving will be even more interesting if you use your Hamac nappies for a second child!