Healthy for your baby

For the well-being of your babies, our cloth nappies do not contain any toxic chemical product.

They are certified Oeko Tex 100 class I.
This label guarantees that our range of cloth nappies has been tested and does not contain any toxic substance that would harm your baby, neither endrocine disruptor, unlike disposable nappies.
Endocrine disruptors are particularly denounced at the moment, especially when they are in contact with young children or pregnant women.
They are part of a category of molecules (Bisphenol, Dioxin, Phthalate..) that interfer with the hormonal system and that are found in many pesticides, solvents and plastics, and in some cosmetics and food packaging. 
Some of them can contribute to deleterious effects, even in smal quantities.

Thanks to the Oeko Tex 100 class I label, we guarantee that our cloth nappies do not contain any endocrine disruptor.