• Reusable nappies

    What if you chose ecofriendly and economical nappies ? Yes, in the long run, cloth nappies are cheap! We offer 2 models: the Hamac Classic nappy, with the internal pouch sewed to the panty, and the two-part T.MAC nappy, whith the detachable pouch. 

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  • Swimming

    The Hamac swim nappy is perfect for swimming babies until 2 and a hald year approximately. Ultra thin and waterproof, it does not inflate in the water. Made in microfiber, it dries really quick, so that baby is never cold. It only takes one swim nappy for the all day, you only change absorbing pads. With its matching UV shirt and swim nappy, your baby is ready for sandcastles!

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  • Parent corner

    Hamac also cares about mums, and we offer healthy and ecofriendly solutions for a daily use : makeup remover wipes (or cleaning up wipes for children), very soft in microfiber, as weel as reusable nursing pads with a waterproof side and a very soft side for the skin. No toxic products, Oeko Tex 100 Class I certification.

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