• Florence and a fascination for fabric

    The product designer behind the nappies is Florence, a woman with a love for the industry and a fascination for fabric. There's nothing worse than single-use items for her.

    Naturally she dropped disposable nappies when her second child was born but she couldn't help but notice: reusable nappies are... impractical!

    She was working for a large group and wanted to dive back into entrepreneurship after dipping her toes in the water a few years before; she'd just read Entreprise Verte by Elisabeth Laville and had a lightbulb moment: her business would be eco-friendly or nothing!

    That was back in 2007, 150 prototypes, 3 patents and 2 awards later, she joined the Agoranov business incubator and Hamac was born... that's right, Florence is completely focused on changing people's habits and making reusable nappies the norm.

    Florence Hallouin


  • A duo made to last

    Florence already had her first apprentice in 2009 and was looking for her right hand.

    There was no doubt that it would be Clémence. She had graduated from business school. She did a placement at a large retailer and left convinced that overconsumption is a ticket to nowhere. She wanted to work for a company that meant something and was still in its infancy. She would rather be "big in a small company than small in a big one".

    Florence and Clémence chose one another and the duo are still thriving ten years later: they have the same values. Clémence's little girl is now wearing her first Hamac nappies whilst Florence's children are making their first steps... at college!

    Clémence Ossent


The Hamac team

10 years have seen thirty-odd people put their own spin on sculpting, imagining and bringing Hamac to life...

Norma - Waste sorting wizard

Benoit - Vegetable garden chief officer

Alicia - Loose office shopping buff

Kaossara - Anti-food waste newbie

Guillaume - First-time Hamac dad

Mathilde - Locavore mom

Coudédia - Budding eco-warrior

Julie - Natural cosmetics alchemist

Julie - Processed food terroriser

There are also manufacturers, financial partners and many more with the same thing in common: they believe in this wonderful adventure!

Hamac's philosophy

Quiet activism, open-minded intelligence, a genuine breath of fresh air are a few words that descibe the brand's identity. Abstraction aside, we prefer to sing it to you.

Hamac's drive

This journey is rooted in the belief that people's habits need to change and reusable nappies should be the norm.

Hamac strives to keep improving and constantly innovate without sacrificing its eco-friendly values.

Essentially, that translates to a diverse range of reusable nappies which have been joined by the swim nappy and UV t-shirt. There are also limited series using off-cuts and innovations to reduce our impact on the environment even more. It means working closely with a hundred nurseries.

And Hamac is first and foremost an ever-growing community of passionate parents with the same belief: a nappy change can change the planet!

The nappy of the future

Nobody puts baby's nappies in the corner so Hamac is always innovating!

We've filed three patents and won several national and international awards: 2 time winner at the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and BPI France Competition for French Innovative Company (2009 and 2010), 2009 Winner of the Paris Innovation Grand Prix, 2 Observeur du Design awards in 2010 and 2013, Innovation Award- Kind & Jugend in Germany in 2012, Ecology Trophy in 2011, PM’UP SME Award in 2013, Designers of the Future Award in 2015, Mentored by the IME (Corporate Mentor Institute) in 2016-17.

More than meets the eye

Actually, Hamac is just one side of the Génération Plume company founded by Florence which works to reduce our impact for future generations.

Hamac and Filigrame are part of Génération Plume and certain models share the same technology; Hamac takes care of babies whilst Filigrame helps incontinent people keep their dignity in total discretion and peace of mind.

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