Hamac nappies in maternity wards

Some maternity wards have embraced the Hamac system. A dozen use our reusable nappies on a daily basis.

Reusable nappies in maternity wards: easy to use

More and more private birth centres and hospital maternity wards now provide new parents with reusable nappies to combat waste caused by disposable nappies: newborns are changed around eight times a day, that means over a dozen nappies are thrown away if you spend just one night on the ward!

Hamac provides a practical reusable nappy solution to maternity wards with size XS being ideal for newborns (2-4kg).

Hamac reusable nappies are easy to use: just throw the protective liner in the bin and put the nappy and insert in a wet bag in the room or nursery.


Professional Hamac nappy services for maternity wards

Like nurseries, maternity wards use our professional range of reusable nappies.

Maternity wards have two options: hire nappies or buy their own stock.

They can be washed internally or by an external laundry service just like the Alençon maternity ward that works with our partner Atre (jobseeker association) and the Reunion maternity ward that uses our partner Ti Pan's services.

A snapshot of Hamac reusable nappies in use at Alençon maternity ward

The nappies are put together by the laundry team or maternity staff so parents just have to pop the liner onto the insert and change their baby.

Lots of parents are won over by our reusable nappy system at the maternity ward. And many of them sign up for the same hire service as the maternity ward or buy themselves new or pre-loved nappies.


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