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A large storage and laundry bag, to use with or without the net (sold separately), for nappies and pads.


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A large storage and laundry bag, to store and wash Hamac nappies and pads

This bag is a 2 in 1 wet bag, to store and wash your reusable nappies or pads, without manipulating them.
You can use it with or without a net, sold separately, that you can include in the waterproof bag. 

Simply thread the bag's cord through the two openings of the net (the openings are concealed at the top of the net, along the seams).

Convenient and hygienic, it is machine washable with the nappies and pads it contains. The Hamac 2-in-1 bag can contain 10 nappies and 10 pads.

Leave the waterproof bag and net open for storing your absorbents or nappies so that air can circulate. 
Once in the washing machine, water immediately penetrates through the holes in the net, and your laundry will naturally come out of the bag.

You can also use the Hamac bag as a drawstring storage bag. It fits perfectly in a basket.


45 cm x 55 cm


Bag: 100% polyester

Inner coating : 100% polyurethane

Net: 100% polyester

Oeko Tex 100 classe 1 certified. Made in France.

oeko tex couche lavable


Machine washable at 40°C or 60°C (100 to 140°F). Should not be tumble-dried.
Refrain from using washing products containing alcohol, solvents, whiteners or abrasives.

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from Chardron, the

Un indispensable pour vos sacs à langer ! Étanche, anti odeur et filet de lavage inclus, même pour le débordement sur les vêtements, il faut l'avoir sur soi !

from Anaïs LEFRERE, the

Joli sac, pratique pour stocker les couches sales. J'aurais aimé un système de fixation des filets à l'intérieur plus fiable que juste les ouvertures dans la couture latérale pour y glisser les noeuds.

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