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Refill - Organic powder detergent -180 washes


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Hypoallergenic and organic powder detergent Hamac x Soapix.
Up to 180 washes.
Soapix powder detergent has an ecofriendy composition : natural and biodegradable ingredients.


Ecofriendly detergent for cloth nappies

This detergent does not leave any residue in textiles of your Hamac nappies and pads.

It is perfectly adapted to sensitive and allergic skins which don't tolerate irritating residues that may be left by most detergents.  

Soapix powder detergent is particularily recommended to wash gently your Hamac cloth nappies, wahsable absorbent padswipes and swim nappy.

This detergent prevents your absorbent pads from getting residual oils stucked in the fibers of the textile, that would diminish their absorbing capacities.

We recommend you to remove oil build-up every 2 or 3 months in order to maximise the absorption capacities of your pad.

Concentrated detergent : this 2.8 kg refill equals 180 washes.

Recommended measure : 30mL.

You can adjust this measure according to the cleanliness level of your laundry, the efficiency of your machine, and the hardness of the water. Please refer to measures indicated on the label.

In order to get a laundry free of residues from previous washing, you must clean your machine before use. To do so, program at least 2 washing cycles with Soapix detergent and rags.

For hypersensitive skins, 4 washing cycles are necessary to get you nappies and pads rid of residuals oils. Then, you can use your Soapix detergent as you usually would.

Do not use softener.

For resistant stains, we advise you to use the stain remover and to wipe the stain directly after the usage of the nappy, before washing it in machine.


No toxic products for baby skin

Soapix ecofriendly detergent is ecofriendly : it is made of natural and biodegredable ingredients.

Composition : sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, nonionic surfactant (5-15%)

Phtalate free - Phosphate free - Perfume free - Colorant free - Preservatives free - Optical brightener free - Sulfate free

Vegan. No animal testing.

Caution : Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek for medical advice.

In case of accidental ingestion, immidiately seek for medical advice and show the label of the detergent.

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Découverte pour le lavage des couches, il y a 2 ans, je suis toujours aussi satisfaite et l'utilise pour le linge de toute la maison !

from Beaumain, the

Utilisée pendant 2 ans et demi pour laver les couches et inserts de notre fille, attention à plutôt sous-doser car ça mousse beaucoup, hormis ça elle nous a toujours très bien convenu.

from Pascal, the

Très bien! Lessive adoptée maintenant pour tout le linge de la maison, simple et efficace

from Thérèse , the

Une lessive parfaite, va pour les couches et tout le reste. Ne laisse pas d'odeur, lave bien...

from Helene, the

Un peu cher mais c'est pratique de ne pas passer 1h à lire toutes les listes d'ingrédients en magasin en espérant trouver une composition qui convient! Le conditionnement n'est pas très pratique et mon mari en met un peu partout.

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