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Reusable cleansing pads


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Soft reusable cleansing pads.


The Hamac washable cleansing pads are very soft on your skin so that you can gently remove your makeup and clean your face.

Made of 100% microfiber, they are handy, can be machine washed, and are quick-drying. 

With these cleansing pads, you will never go back to disposable cotton pads. You will save money (no need buy disposable pads anymore!) and reduce rubbish!

No need for you to change your makeup removal routine, you use the pads the same way as you would disposables.

Daddies will adopt them as well to clean their faces!

Made in France. Certified Oeko Tex 100 class I. Chemical-free.

oeko tex lingettes lavablesfabrication française


100% polyester microfiber. CertifiedOeko Tex 100 class I.

oeko tex lingettes lavablesfabrication française


11 cm (4 in) in diameter


Machine washable from 40° to 60°C (100 to 140°F)
The tumble dryer can be used.

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