The swim nappy

Perfect for baby swimmers


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  • Swim nappy - schéma
  • Pad - schema
  • Liner - schema


The pad is useful to absorb a little pee when your baby is out of the water. It is not necessary
to put it when in the water. The disposable liner can be used to dispose easily of a potential "little gift".

1. Put the pad and the liner

Insert the pad - schema

Insert the pad under the net in the pouch


If you choose to use a liner, put it in the pouch, above the net.


2. Put the swim nappy to your baby

  • Swim nappy - schema

    The swim nappy is ready!
    Put it on your baby
    like a standard disposable nappy.

  • Put the swim nappy - schema
  • Make sure the elastics
    are properly oriented
    inwards and rest
    in the groin area.


3. Attach the swim nappy

Attach the swim nappy - schemaAttach the swim nappy - schema 2


Attach the touch fasteners so that the swim nappy is snug.


4. Change the swim nappy

  • Change the nappy - schema

    In case of a "little gift", grab the 4
    clean corners of the liner, and remove it
    from the pouch.

  • Change the nappy - schema 2

    Throw away the liner and the "little gift".


The swim nappy can be reused straight away with a new pad and eventually a liner, to make sure your child stays dry.


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