Reusable for several babies

You love Hamac nappies but are they starting to look a bit tired after your three kids have used them? Don't worry, we've got you covered!


Hamac is all about being eco-friendly and our motto is "reuse, reduce, recycle". We use, reuse, repair and reuse right to the end. Our range of reusable nappies is designed to be very long-lasting and used by several children. We wholeheartedly recommend reusing them to reduce your ecological footprint and save even more money than if you used disposables. Remember, with Hamac nappies you avoid throwing away 5000 disposable nappies per child, that's 1 ton of waste, and you save 600 €.

So if you need to repair one of our nappies despite taking good care of it then we'll tell you how it works!


I want to have my nappy mended, what do I do?

If the cover or velcro on your nappy is worn out after years of good loyal service, you can send them back to us and we'll replace them! It would be a shame to throw out a nappy that just needs a little TLC!

Just send a message and a photo of the nappy to so we can come up with a solution for you. Depending on where you are, repairs cost 4 € to 8 € for France and 5 € to 9 € for Europe and French overseas territories.

Psst! You can also call our after-sales service if the nappy gets damaged on a misadventure... if your cat scratches it or mum bleaches the cover for example! We'll try to find a solution for you!


I'm looking for a pre-loved nappy, where can I get one?

I'm looking for a pre-loved nappy, where can I get one?

You've already used Hamac nappies for the two older kids and you'd like something new (or limited editions) in your newborn's wardrobe... buying pre-loved is the answer! You'll find lots of parents who'll be delighted to make a few bob extra online and social media! You'll soon find a whole host of pre-loved Hamac nappies and can even resell models you no longer use!


Et voilà! You have everything you need to start your reusable nappy adventure. Thank you for joining us and long live nappies and our planet ❤