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2 reusable pads in Organic Cotton to be put in the intern pouch of the Hamac cloth nappies.


GOTS-certified organic cotton reusable pads

  • The Hamac 100% organic cotton reusable absorbent pad is an exclusive product, perfected by Hamac with input from parents: it is formed from a triple weave of thick organic cotton fibres for increased absorption. The fibres are pre-washed for immediate absorption and expansion.
    Like any other garment, just wash it once and it's ready to go!

  • The pad unfolds like a large swaddle so it can be thoroughly washed, and dries quickly.

  • Our new absorbent pad pulls wetness directly toward its inner layers to keep your baby nice and dry !

  • Woven and produced in France. Product carries Oeko Tex 100 Class I certification, made with GOTS-certified cotton.


oeko tex lingettes lavables



How to use :

  • First, the organic cotton absorbent pad is folded in two, then three, lengthwise.
  • A protective sheath can be placed over the absorbent pad to collect stools, so they can be thrown directly into the toilet.

Our tips :

  • To maximise absorption at night, you can use a special night-time pad or add a pad one thickness up from the standard absorbent pad.

Size guide

Size 1 : for XS and S-size nappies

Size 2 : for M and L size nappies + pull-up nappies for 2-4 years and 4-6 years

Size 3 : for XL-size nappies


Re-usable absorbent pads with no toxic ingredients to protect baby's skin 100% organic cotton absorbent pad

Our organic cotton absorbent pads carry both GOTS and Oeko Tex 100 Class I certification, and do not contain any toxic substances that might be hazardous to your baby's health.

oeko tex lingettes lavables


  • No more washing your absorbent pads several times before using! Our new Organic Cotton pad absorbs wetness straight away. Their unique weave uses thick cotton strands that expand immediately upon contact with urine.

  • After use, they can be machine-washed between 40°-60°C. Dryer-safe.

  • These pads are hand-made by our designers, and have no hems in order to avoid creating bumps or ridges. It's possible that a slight fringe may appear at the corners of the pad, which is normal given the thickness of the cotton threads.
    In order to ensure your pads last as long as possible, be sure to leave these fringes alone!

Added benefits :

  • Ultra-fast drying

  • Won't shrink in the wash

  • Stays in place

Our tips :

  • To wash the absorbent pads you can use Hamac detergent by Soapix, which has been specially designed to deep-clean your pads and keep them looking fresh for longer. Rainett detergent with Aloe Vera also works very well.

  • We advise you not to use fat-based detergents such as soap nuts, or those containing glycerine. We also recommend washing your re-usable wipes separately if they have a lot of liniment lotion on them.

  • For more information about detergents, please refer to our FAQs.

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5/5, based on 30 reviews

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from Hodée, the

surprise par la rapidité de séchage, très facile à mettre en place

from Clémence, the

Langes faciles à plier, pas trop épais et qui restent bien en place dans la couche. Je les associe aux voiles polaires et cela fonctionne très bien (environ 3h au sec). Je trouve qu'ils tiennent mieux en place et sont plus absorbants que ceux en microfibres.

from Adeline, the

Langes simples à plier, absorbants et fins. J'ai toutefois dû rajouter un booster coton pour faire tenir la couche 3h mais je pense que cela dépend du bébé.

from Adam, the

Reçus avec le kit prêt de naissance. Après 1 mois d'utilisation, pas de fuite à déplorer ! Attention à bien les laver à 60° pour éviter une odeur désagréable.

from houssais, the

Coton très doux, très agréable pour la peau de bébé, sèchent très vite.

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