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30 compostable organic cotton absorbent pads


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30 certified organic cotton compostable absorbent pads, to be put in Hamac cloth nappies. Particularly suited to travelling, strolling, going to the grand-parents...or wherever you want!


The first 100% naturally sourced disposable absorbent

Hamac is evolving its range and offers you the first fully bio-sourced disposable nappy: 100% naturally sourced and compostable on the market, an innovation in the world of nappies.

Composed of only 3 materials: cotton bloom, wood cellulose, and super-absorbent gel exclusively bio-sourced. It is ultra-soft and absorbent. It contains no plastic, no elastic, and no chemical gel.

Particularly suited to travelling, strolling, going to the grand-parents...or wherever you want!

Our hybrid solution is very convenient and healthy for starting with Hamac cloth nappies when you're a bit hesitant.

100% Made in Italy.

User guide

The Hamac disposable pad fits into the waterproof inner pouch of Hamac cloth nappies, and provides approximately 3 hours of absorption to keep your baby's bottom dry.

It allows you to use a Hamac nappy in hybrid mode.

It's easy: Dispose of the pad with the urine and feces, and keep the nappy, which is durable and infinitely reusable.

Composting advice: To be placed in the compost collection bin in case of urine. In France, composting human feces is not allowed.

Size Guide

Size 1 fits in nappies Sizes XS and S

Size 2 fits in nappies Sizes M, L and XL.


It is composed of only 3 materials, and the entire thing is compostable:
  • The top layer is made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. The softest, most natural, and healthy choice for the delicate skin of babies.

  • The highly absorbent inner core is made of 100% chlorine-free, unbleached cellulose (biomass) sourced from FSC-certified wood pulp.

  • And to enhance the natural absorption of cotton and cellulose, the super absorbent gel (also known as SAP*) is 100% derived from bio-based resources and is certified OK Compost.

In regular disposable diapers, this gel called SAP (Superabsorbent Polymer) is chemical, and it is Sodium Polyacrylate. We refuse to use this substance in our products.

Our disposable pad is perfect for babies with very sensitive skin because it does not contain any toxic substances, and furthermore, the contact with the skin is 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.


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from Valérie, the

J'utilise les absorbants jetables en vacances et lave la couche à la main. très pratique !

from Marchand Alice , the

Nous en avions pris au cas où avec notre premier lot de couches. Finalement nous les utilisons quand nous partons en weekend dans un endroit où nous savons que nous ne pourrons pas faire de lessive et c'est super pratique ! Pour mon premier je rachetais des couches jetables dans ces occasions et là plus jamais besoin. Idéal pour faciliter la vie tout en restant en accord avec nos valeurs en plus ils sont hyper efficaces !

from Ségolène , the

Très pratique en voyage pour se simplifier la vie, pas de soucis de fuite. Ou pour commencer en douceur l'utilisation des couches lavables !

from Julie, the

Très pratique pour les voyages ou déplacements lorsqu'on ne souhaite pas stocker des absorbants sales. Une solution saine, rapide et pratique sans faire de compromis sur la santé de mon enfant ou de l'environnement. Merci pour cette innovation !

from Amélia, the

Très pratique lorsque nous ne sommes pas à la maison. Absorption très efficace !