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Hamac Nappy - Blue Poseidon


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Innovative and easy-to-use cloth nappy. Patented leakproof system. Best comfort for your baby.
Innovative and easy-to-use cloth nappy. Patented leakproof system. Best comfort for your baby.


A leakproof and easy to use reusable nappy

The Hamac nappy is THE eco-friendly and cost-savinf solution for changing your baby: 1 ton of waste saved per child, and 50% saved on your nappies budget. 

Thanks to its leakproof patented technology, the Hamac nappy is efficient, thin and easy-to use.
It has already convinced thousands of parents, and more than 150 nurseries.

How does it work?

The system is simple: a thin little panty with a waterproof pouch inside, in which you put a washable pad. You can add a disposable liner on top of the pad to easily dispose of stools.
When changing the nappy, you throw out the liner and what it contains in the trash, and the nappy and the pad go in the washing machine, whith the rest of the laundry. Y
ou can also rinse the pouch in case of pee, and reuse the nappy later. 

For a gentle start, you can buy our trial kit, which allows you to discover how to change a Hamac nappy.

Have a look at our user guide for more informations. You have another question? Have a look at our FAQ!

To boost absorption at night, you can use our special night pad, or add an extra thin pad on thop of the standard one.

Our eco-friendly nappy is certified Oeko Tex 100 class 1, without any toxic product for your baby. It is made in France and certified Origine France Garantie.

Size Guide

Here is a size graph that will allow you to choose the most suitable size for your child.

If you hesitate between two sizes, take the bigger one so that your child can wear it longer. Furthermore, upon receipt of your products, think about trying the nappies on your child before washing them so that you can return to us the nappy for an exchange. If the nappies were washed, we won’t be able to exchange them.

couche lavable hamac

If your child’s weight approaches the next size, we suggest that you take the bigger size. For instance : your baby weights 8kg, you can take the size L (9-17kg) to optimizes the time of use.

Careful, the XS size is only suggested for prematured and very small babies. It will soon be too small for 3 kg babies at birth.

What do I need to buy?

How many nappies and pads do I need?

Until potty training, you will need mainly 3 sizes: S (4-8 kilos) / M (6-12 kilos) / L (9-17 kilos).

The XS size is only suggested for prematured and very small babies. It will soon be too small for 3 kg babies at birth.
According to its shape, your baby will perhaps need the size XL just before potty training. 

On average, you can use the classic nappy twice before washing it, as in case of pee you can just rinse the pouch and reuse the nappy later.

Here is what you will need if you wash the nappies every 2 days :

Size XS or S : 6 to 7 nappies, 12 to 14 washable pads Size 1
Size M or L : 5 to 6 nappies, 10 to 12 washable pads Size 2
Size XL : 4 to 5 nappies, 10 to 12 washable pads Size 3. If you only use them at night, you will need 2 nappies and 4 washable pads.


A reusable nappy made of breathable microfiber, very fast-drying

- Washable nappy made of  Meryl Microfiber. It helps keep moisture away from baby, speeds up the drying process and helps keep baby's skin warm.

- The Hamac® pouch is made out of breathable and waterproof polyurethane.

Made in France. Certified Oeko Tex 100 class I.

A healthy nappy, without any toxic product 

Our nappies are certified Oeko Tex 100 class I, which means that they do not contain any dangerous product for your baby's skin.
The pads are made of Organic cotton (Certified Gots and Oeko Tex 100 class I), or microfiber (Certified Oeko Tex 100 class I). 

Cleaning instructions 


Machine washable at 40°C/100°F. The tumble dryer should not be used because it wears out the fabrics faster. 

It is important to wash the nappy attached so that the velcros do not damage the nappy or the rest of the linen. Nappy should not be ironed.

To prevent leaking and other damage to the Hamac pouch, refrain from using washing products containing alcohol, solvents, whiteners or abrasives.

After the first wash, the edges of the carrycot become a little dull, which makes the edges even softer on the babies' skin!

Absorbent pad

Machine washable at 60°C/140°F. Absorbent pad should be tumble-dried.

Refrain from using softener or washing-up liquid with glycerin which can coat the absorbent pads and make them less absorbent. Use ecological washing powders when at all possible.

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5/5, based on 528 reviews

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from Zawislak , the

J adore ce coloris je l ai en 4 exemplaires. Je suis assistante maternelle et tout mes bébés le porte ce coloris que ce soit fille ou garçon

from Sandevoir, the

Couleur canon, pour garçon ou fille !!! Les couches hamac sont très pratiques et faciles d'utilisation !

from Léa PETIT, the

Coup de jeune sur les couches lavages, jolie couleur.

from Marie, the

Couche au top , colori qui correspond à la photo. Elle sont idéales pour bébé qui arrive a bien bouger avec et nous n’avons que très peu de fuites .

from Helene LEROUX, the

Très belle couleur qui tient bien dans le temps. Aucun soucis de fuite, toujours aussi satisfaite du concept de ces couches lavables.

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